Boondocking at Walker Honey Farm (Dancing Bee Winery)

In between our visits to Waco and Austin, we visited and stayed at a popular hot spot that was actually in a documentary on Netflix (Season 1, Episode 1). The documentary was titled “Rotten” and the location was in Rogers, TX. When I saw “Dancing Bee Winery/Walker Honey Farm” on the Harvest Hosts map, I knew we had to stay a night and check it out!

It’s on a nice piece of land in Texas hill country. The main building has a cozy, cabin vibe and is shared by the winery and the honey farm. The winery specializes in mead (Honey wine), which they turn into all sorts of different flavors and varieties. They offer honey samples as well as wine tasting so you can sample all the goodies before purchasing! It felt like a micro brewery! Unique and exotic meads aren’t exactly my cup of tea, so I sampled their traditional grape wines. Aaron however had a field day sampling six of their award-winning meads:

  1. Espresso Portomel

  2. Blackberry Melomel

  3. Burnpile Bochet

  4. Logi's Libation (The most unique thing he has ever tasted)

  5. The Beerded One

  6. Mulled Harvest (Served warm on a 40 degree day and extremely delicious. The most dangerous of the bunch!)

    You can also purchase all kinds of unique products and gifts made with honey! Soaps, lotions, candles, and candies are just a few items they sell!  The staff is super friendly and helpful and we really learned a lot about many of their products while we were there. 

We highly recommend stopping in and checking out this iconic business!

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