About Aaron

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Aaron is a California boy who made his way to Virginia through a college baseball scholarship.

Eleven years later, he still has a passion for baseball, spending most of his summers coaching Casen and Calista's youth baseball teams, and playing in a men's baseball league on Saturdays. Other interests include shootin the hooch, doing touristy things in new cities, live music, family game nights, watching his Angels and USC Trojans, neighborhood driveway parties, and yard work (he has an obsession with keeping the grass "baseball field quality").

Quick Facts

  • Aaron has a twin brother who looks nothing like him except for his face.

  • Coffee. Black. Lots of it.

  • Most excited to see:

    • Some of the more beautiful national parks and as many baseball stadiums as possible.

  • State I have not been to that I am most wanting to visit:

    • Washington and Maine

  • Thing I'll miss most when traveling:

    • Passion City Church and local friends

  • Current music interests

    • Rend Collective, Weezer, Passion Band, Cold War Kids


About Lauren


Lauren is a Georgia girl who loves change, nature, and adventure...A perfect combination for life on the road!

Lauren is high energy and (self-admittedly) very loud! Her distinct and frequent laugh is a very familiar sound to everyone that knows her. On a daily basis you can usually find her jamming out to music and busting out dance moves in the kitchen while cooking her family dinner. Lauren is super thrifty and has a knack for turning a pieces of Goodwill furniture into a refurbished modern masterpieces. Lauren is constantly on the go and always looking for the next project, bargain or adventure.

  • Lauren doesn't do yoga, so don't let the photo fool ya. You'll rarely see her sit for very long.

  • Licensed cosmetologist, writer, photographer.

  • Most excited to see:

    • The Grand Canyon

  • State I have not been to that I am most wanting to visit:

    • Utah and Colorado

  • Thing I'll miss most about current lifestyle

    • Our wonderful, awesome, amazing neighborhood

  • Some of my favorite things:

    • Happy hour

    • Music

    • Parties/celebrations

    • Nature


About Casen


Casen is a fun-loving 8 year old who shares most of the same passions as his parents.

He has played baseball every year since he was 3 years old, and has already made 2 all-star teams. He is going into his 3rd season of soccer (he got his soccer skills from his mom). If it were up to him, video games such as Mario Kart and Minecraft would be a much bigger part of his life, but it doesn't take much to talk him into going outside to play with his friends, jump on the trampoline, climb trees, or challenge a neighbor to a Pokemon battle. 


  • Casen was born on Opening Day, which was an omen to his dad that he will grow up to be a Major League Baseball stud.

  • What he actually wants to be when he grows up:

    • A pilot

  • Favorite movie:

    • Despicable Me 3

  • Favorite books:

    • Dog Man

  • Most excited to see:

    • California Family

  • State I have not been to that I am most wanting to visit:

    • Colorado

  • Thing I'll miss most when traveling:

    • My school and friends

  • Favorite thing to do on weekends:

    • Play outside



About Calista


Calista is a super smart, super sweet, and slightly shy 6 year old.

She also shares many interests with her parents, including sports, board games, and the outdoors. Calista loves learning, and has routinely done the same school work as her older brother. She is a unique combination of tough girl and princess, loving to wear dresses to school everyday and put on fairy costumes at home, but also has no problem getting DIRTY on the baseball field or wrestling her big brother to the ground.


  • Calista's red-ish hair comes from her Papa

  • Favorite movies:

    • Jurassic Park, The Greatest Showman, Beauty and The Beast, Frozen

  • Favorite books:

    • Every book. Barbie books are high on the list.

  • Favorite games:

    • Candyland and Sorry.

  • Most excited to see:

    • The Grand Canyon

  • State I have not been to that I am most wanting to visit:

    • New Mexico

  • Thing I'll miss most when traveling:

    • Friends

  • Favorite thing to do on weekends

    • Spending time with family and going to church