What we have to offer

Aaron is a digital marketing professional. He earned a Marketing degree in 2007 from Liberty University, and an MBA in 2011. He has worked in the marketing industry for 10+ years in various roles, including design, training, management, and sales. He started his own company, AG Marketing Collective in 2018. He specializes in building websites, SEO, and social media marketing. 

Lauren is a professional photographer, writer and content creator with a diverse portfolio. Portraits, products, personal branding, events, and landscape are just a few things she has experience in photographing. She loves working with Aaron by combining forces to create bold, beautiful web presence for clients through strong content and imagery. 

Casen and Calista are two energetic, photogenic, and eager models (as long as mom is taking the pictures!) that find joy in almost everything! They are perfectly suited to create a fun family photo-op or promote any kid-related products and apparel. 

Together, we are a fun, energetic, passionate, and capable family with an active and growing social media following. We have the ability to create valuable and eye catching marketing material that will make your brand look appealing and stand out in the crowd. 

Partner with us to showcase and promote the highlights of your business, destination, campground, hotel or product!

Check out our social media channels to see examples of our following, engagement, and marketing quality of our own brand…then contact us to start the discussion about how we can partner with yours!

Areas of Expertise:

The Wanderpreneurs


  • Brand Partnerships

  • Cross Promotion

  • Social Mentions

  • Professional Photography

  • Content Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Influencer / Affiliate

Local / Small Businesses

  • Professional Photography

  • Ariel/Drone Footage

  • Web Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • SEO

  • Writing Content

  • Social Media

  • Branding

  • Ad Creation