Waco, TX - Magnolia Table, Baylor Football, In-N-Out and more!

We HAD to put Waco, TX on our list of stops! We’ve been Fixer Upper addicts since it first aired on HGTV!

We love the farmhouse style that Joanna made famous, and we love their family as a whole!  (No, we don’t personally know them… but after watching the show for so long we feel like we do :P)

Waco was another 2 day stop, so we didn’t have a ton of time. We decided to skip the restaurant, Magnolia Table, and head straight to the silos, where we could check out the bakery, the retail store, and all the fun around the silos!

The silos are empty, so you don’t actually go IN the silos, but there are about 15 food trucks that park out by them so you have plenty of food options! There are bean bag chairs, which are great for relaxing in the sun on a nice day, covered picnic tables, lawn games to keep kids and husbands entertained while the women spend allll the money in the amazing store, and even a little nursery where you can buy things for your garden! 

There are cute little photo ops everywhere you turn! We spent several hours there but easily could’ve spent the entire day enjoying the amazingly perfect weather out there! The bakery had a line wrapped around the building and I hate waiting in line more than anything, so we didn’t even attempt it. I heard it moves pretty quickly, but I chose to bask in a beanbag chair with Calista while Casen played kickball with some friends he met, and Aaron got some work done at a picnic table!

We stayed at a very basic, but affordable RV park which was very convenient to everything we wanted to see.

Waco RV Park had a large, open field that the kids and I took full advantage of (check out al the pics)! We played some fun games after our Magnolia fun and then headed in as the sun set behind the trees. Waco RV Park is a good option if you don’t need any frills and just want an affordable option in Waco! 

The next day, Baylor was playing TCU at home, so we parked downtown and took a free shuttle to McLane Stadium. We didn’t get to go into the game, but we walked around the outside of the new stadium along the riverwalk, caught some glances of the field, listened to the crowd roar, and hung out on the mini-practice field for a while, racing each other and hanging with what was left of the tailgating crowd!

Waco is a cool little town, especially on Baylor football game days. If you like Fixer Upper, I highly recommend making a trip out there! The whole experience exceeded my expectations!

P.s. We ran into our first In-N-Out Burger of our trip, which is a really big deal when your husband was born and raised in California. We introduced the kids to it for the first time and ordered both of them a grilled cheese off of the secret menu and they LOVED it. I know, grilled cheese at In-N-Out??

Question: What’s the best burger place in your area? Comment below!