Mount Rainier National Park (Boondocking)


We boondocked for 3 nights in late June at Ranger Creek Airstrip, which was close to Mount Rainier National Park. It was a perfect boondocking spot!


We went into the park several times and loved every second we were there! We were with another travel family, and the first day we drove in to the Sunrise Visitors Center, the kids did the Jr. Ranger program and we hiked one of the most beautiful trails of our lives! I highly recommend Silver Forest Trail if you get the chance. It’s like a scene from The Sound of Music!


Day 2 back in the park we hiked Naches Peak Loop, which was another one of our top hies EVER! We had a picnic lunch with friends by an insanely gorgeous lake and got to see billy goats up in the cliffs! It was covered in snow in many areas, even in the summer, making it even more interesting. We got pelted with a mixture of rain/sleet/snow at one point, so it was an adventure for sure!


Mt. Rainier NP is one of the top places we’ve visited for sure. It’s funny because we hadn’t hard a lot about it before and it was a last minute decision to go! We loved boondocking with friends in an amazing location and experiencing one of the most beautiful parks ever! We had no cell service the entire time, and it was really nice to completely unplug. It was a weekend we will remember forever.

Our boondocking location