Monadock Outdoor Pillow Blanket


We just wanted to share one of our favorite travel items. It’s an outdoor pillow blanket from Voited.

We have gotten SO much use out of it since we’ve been traveling full time in our RV. The pattern is so eye catching and speaks to my nature loving heart so much!

It’s water/stain resistant, it folds into a pillow for easy storage, it snaps up to become a sleeping bag, and if you have two of them, they snap up as a double sleeping bag! The best part is it’s WASHABLE. The monadnock outdoor pillow blanket comes in different backings… we have the “cloudtouch” which is SUPER soft, cozy and warm.

Voited gave us a coupon code for 20% off their entire site for anyone that wants to shop around and maybe get one for themselves. Use coupon code WANDERPRENEURS.

If you are always outdoors like us, its a life saver to have something like this in your truck at all times. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Aaron GrijlavaComment