Portland, OR


When we visited the Portland, OR area, we stayed at a beautiful campground, Metzler Park. It’s in Estacada, Oregon so we had a little drive to get to Portland. We LOVED the green, jungle-like feel of the park. We had the best spot, (#57) but no cell phone signal or internet. Other sites had service, so it was hit or miss in that area. All we had to do was walk a few feet over to the playground area to get service and do some work, so it worked out.


I highly recommend camping there if you get a chance. There are 2 sides of the campground and the one we were in (where the 50s are) is the best. There are some awesome tent sites right on the water with the same jungle like feel. There’s a swimming hole and trails through the woods.


The first day we went into Portland, it was CRAZY HOT! (95 degrees) We walked around the city in a sweat! We visited Powell’s City of Books, which was a gigantic, iconic bookstore downtown, checked out Jameson Square Fountain, had local brews at Deschutes, and ended the day at the International Rose Test Garden.

Portland was a cool city and we enjoyed spending lots of time at our campground. It was a great experience!

Where we stayed: Metzler Park, Estacada, OR