Making Money On The Road

How a family of four makes a living while traveling full-time in an RV.


We often get asked how we make money on the road. It seems that there are thousands of people that want to have the freedom and lifestyle that traveling full time in an RV brings, but they are tied down by their work situation. In this short article, we hope to bring some hope to your dream of traveling full-time (and maybe even a few practical ideas!)

We both can work remotely, which allows us to live in an RV and travel around the US! 

Aaron started his own company, AG Marketing Collective, in April of 2018.
He builds websites and helps small businesses with their marketing. Everything from social media marketing (Facebook & Instagram ads), design (logos, presentations, social posts), email marketing and SEO. (Feel free to reach out if you could use his services! He loves to chat and brainstorm about ideas.)

Where he works: Our RV master bedroom doubles as his office. He has a fold down desk in the corner where his second monitor is stationed. He doesn’t always work from there though. On nice days he sometimes works outside, sitting on a camping chair, or inside the truck (it’s quieter than the RV sometimes). Sometimes he likes to get away and spend time in local coffee shops working there. He can really set up shop wherever he wants as long as he has wifi!

His clients are all over the US, and he communicates with them through phone calls, email, and video chats. Basically, he just needs an internet connection and he’s good to go. We have a Verizon Mifi 8800L jetpack with unlimited high speed data (no throttling!). The plan is $65/month when you pay with auto pay. We have been EXTREMELY happy with this device and plan! (It is a prepaid plan, completely separate from our Verizon phone plans, which would only give us a limited amount of GBs).

I had a photography business back in GA before we left to travel.
I did portrait, lifestyle and event photography. Since I was leaving my local clients behind, I wasn’t sure what “working” for me would look like on the road. We had started up a blog shortly before we took off, and I knew I’d be writing and creating content for that, as well as homeschool and planning our travel route and booking campground stays, so I figured that would keep me plenty busy. 

I worked on taking quality photos for our blog and Instagram, and we started building quite a following right away. We had several brands reach out wanting to partner with us, which was really cool and we enjoyed the perks (free items) that came along with that! We now have a media kit and charge a fee if a brand wants to work together. I wrote an eBook explaining how we grew our Instagram following so quickly and became social media influencers, outlining exactly how to start making money through Instagram. You can buy my book HERE! A video production company paid us to send in some videos of our adventures, and created a video about our journey, which was cool. I also ended up getting a job creating content for RV Repair Club

I write articles and create videos on a monthly basis for RV Repair Club, and recently signed on with RVshare as well, creating monthly content for them too. You can read one of my articles about RV kitchen storage solutions HERE. I have been hired to do some guest writing for several blogs, and really enjoy that as well!

One additional avenue I’ve explored is secret shopping. This doesn’t pay a lot in the beginning, but you can build up to making more once you prove yourself to be reliable. I’m currently signed up as a secret shopper for Market Force. I haven’t even gone on my first secret trip yet, but want to do that soon! It’s a great way to get a free meal! 

There are actually a LOT of ways to make money on the road, and I compiled a list for anyone interested!

  • Travel nurse

  • Writer

  • Tutor/online teacher (My sister teaches English to Chinese kids online. Click the link for more info if interested!)

  • Remote office assistant

  • Customer service/support

  • Editor

  • Content auditor

  • Graphics creator

  • Project manager

  • Transcriber

  • Computer programer

  • Ecommerce manager

  • Job recruiter

  • Virtual assistant

  • Reservation sales rep

Do you work on the road while traveling full time? What do you do? Share in the comments and maybe you’ll inspire someone!