Dinosaur National Monument


The first time wet the visited Dinosaur National Monument we went to the one in Utah, Quarry Visitor Center. This is by far the best visitor center and the one you should visit if you want the full experience of Dinosaur NP. There is a Quarry Exhibit Hall that was built around the side of a mountain where tons of dinosaur bones were found. They uncovered them and let them in the mountain, then built a building around it so people can see them. It was a really cool thing to see in person!

We boondocked in Dinosaur, Colorado, closer to the Canyon visitor center. That center was tiny and not very interesting. We did a hike that was about 20 min from our camp site that we LOVED! It was called Harpers Corner Trail and it was incredible! We were the only people on the trail the entire time!


We boondocked at Harper’s Corner Road in Dinosaur, CO, which was a nice, quiet spot we enjoyed. Seeing the dinosaur bones and fossils at the quarry and hiking Harpers Corner Trail were the highlights of this area for sure!