Boondocking near Great Sand Dunes National Park


Great Sand Dunes National Park isn’t one we knew a lot about, but we wanted to hit every National Park in Colorado while we were there, so we found a boondocking spot right outside the park to stay at for a few days so we could check it out!

Boondocking Spot


The name of the free boondocking spot on Campendium was Sacred White Shell Mountain. It was a beautiful spot, but it was very dry and dusty and the bugs were bad. Every time we opened the door, several would fly in! We loved how close it was to the park though. 

Sand Boarding on the Sand Dunes


We absolutely loved this national park. We rented a sand board a few miles outside the park entrance at Oasis Store. It was $20 per day and they had to be returned by 7PM. You can choose between sleds and snow boards. 

We had an absolute blast on the board! I highly recommend renting them if you go. We were told there is usually some water you have to cross to get to the dunes, but when we were there in late August it was completely dry. 


We did a little extra walking to get to an area in the dunes where nobody else was. It is tough walking through soft sand! The dunes in the park are the tallest in North America! I would love to go back one day and spend more time there. It’s definitely one of the most amazing places we’ve ever been!