A great stay in Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs was an area we were excited to check out! We had several friends (some new, some old) we were excited to meet up with in the area. We stayed at Golden Eagle Campground. It had a very rough appearance, but was quiet, the staff was great, and the kids had other kids to play with there, so it wasn’t so bad. It was located right by Fort Carson Army base , and we could hear helicopters and gunfire often some nights. It was interesting!

RV Travel Colorado Springs, CO00026.jpeg

United States Air Force Academy

We loved exploring the Air Force Academy while we were there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the chapel, because it was closing when we got there, but did check out the visitor center and the B-52. In the visitor center we got to watch a short film about the academy, and what it’s like to go there. It was really neat to see how hard they work and strict they are!


Garden Of The Gods

The highlight of this stay was Garden Of The Gods. The visitor center is huge, beautiful and really cool. After checking it out, we hiked through all the rock formations and had a blast climbing and exploring. It was CROWDED. We went on a Saturday, which we knew was a gamble, and paid the price with the crowds. It was still a great experience!


We met up with 2 other full time RV families at a huge park called America The Beautiful Park. There was a fountain feature that you could play in and a large grassy area to play. It was great meeting two new families that had both lived in Colorado Springs at one point!

RV Travel Colorado Springs, CO00027.jpeg

We drove into Denver one day to see the Braves (my team!) play the Rockies! We randomly ran into another full-time family at the game that we had met in San Fransisco months ago! We got to sit with them and that made the game even better. 

After the game we got to meet up with one of Aaron’s former college baseball teammates and his wife and son. We had dinner and loved catching up and enjoying the evening together!

The kids had a blast at the Space Foundation Discovery Center, which we got in free because of our museum membership! They both love space and enjoyed the museum a lot. I wasn’t super impressed, and I’ll just say I was glad we got in free! They had a blast though, and that’s what 

One day we set out to hike to Pulpit Rock, but as the afternoon thunderclouds rolled in, we had to turn back before we got too far. We realized that there were often afternoon thunderstorms with crazy lightening and big hail!! We saw soooo many cars with hail damage! 

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There was a lot to see and do in Colorado Springs so we will have to return to enjoy more of it!